110220electronics.com - to be avoided!

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I ordered a LiteFuse voltage converter and regulator from www.110220electronics.com about a year ago, and had a good experience. So when I needed a second voltage converter, I went back to that website.

First, when I called to ask for advice on which converter would be best for me, I got a rude response that I should 'look at the website'. Not what I was expecting. Then I asked where I might find replacement fuses for the converter I already had, and was told "how should I know? Try Radio Shack."

Despite this experience, I was an *** and assumed the company had a bad-tempered new employee or something, and went ahead and purchased a $74 converter. It arrived so much later that I had emailed at the 5 WEEK mark to ask where on earth my item was. I got no response, but a week later it showed up - utterly destroyed. The box that it was in was pristine, without so much as a scuff mark. The box inside of that box was also undamaged and brand new looking. The transformer, however, was scratched, covered in small hairs, leaking orange crystalized gunk that I assume was some sort of internal stuff that had exploded, and had the fuse in front bashed into the unit.

I called the company. They literally yelled at me - "ALL of our items are 100% inspected before they are shipped out. It is NOT POSSIBLE that you received a damaged or used item." When I insisted I did receive a damaged product, they blamed UPS. When I asked how UPS could have destroyed the transformer, managed to get dirt, hairs, and a random washer (that was bouncing around in the rest of the mess) INSIDE the box - all without so much as scratching either of the 2 outer boxes, I was told to send photographs of the transformer.

I sent photographs. Several of them. I was reluctantly told by an employee named Taha that I would be sent a replacement. I asked what I should do to follow up (at this point, I had no trust in this company at all and expected to get screwed). I was assured, repeatedly and with emphasis, that my replacement transformer would be shipped that Monday and there was nothing else I would ever have to do.

That was May 2010. It is nearly August 2010 and I am out $74, a transformer, and all the time spent then and now. I will, obviously, never again use this company. And am using up even more time to write this now to perhaps save someone else the same nightmare. I purchased twice from this company - the first time was hassle-free and the second time was a literal nightmare. In my book, 50% is a failed rating. There are many good companies out there that actually care about service - do yourself a favor and find one of those. 110220electronics.com is NOT it.



we got 4 litefuze voltage converter from them they are really nice its ups that makes them look bad but they still take care off it by sending new converters, next time just you call them just talk to talha he is really nice guy he helped me out, with my 2 ordereds

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